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How the Whole Family Exercises

Happy Father’s Day!

One of my family roles is helping everyone exercise.

Seems like people know the benefits of exercise, yet many still don’t consistently do it.

My theory is that just about everyone will exercise if you provide them with the right options, which they’ll do on their own without being pushed.

So let’s break down my own family, and maybe it’ll give you some ideas for yours:

My 2-year-old son enjoys hanging from the gymnastic bar I got him. We keep one in the living room and another at ATGHQ. He naturally hangs on it.

I’ll never have to make Onyx “do a workout.” The “workout” will always be available for him at a level he naturally enjoys.

Meanwhile, Nana (my 69-year-old mother and our ultra-sharp, ultra-caring Head of ATG Customer Service) started doing chin-up holds on it while watching Onyx!

So right from this simple gymnastic bar we can see that people will naturally exercise and could gain excellent ability IF the right option is present.

What are the odds that Nana will drive to a gym to do chin ups? Next to zilch.

But when the option is present and comfortable, she does it!

On that note, she is VERY consistent with sledding — but not at the gym! She works from her home computer, so she prefers to take her personal-sized Torque sled outside, pushing it down her long, quiet street, and dragging it backward back to her house.

On the other hand, Gramps doesn’t work from the computer in an air-conditioned office. His job involves uncomfortable physical work — often in the Florida heat!

So he’s fallen in love with our Backward Treadmill because it’s comfortable, smooth, and he can use it inside. I’ve never seen him exercise this consistently!

Both Nana and Gramps also do some ATG mobility exercises in their living room, which they’ve turned into a “mini ATG.” My mom takes the ATG For Longevity program and treats it like a daily checklist, doing one exercise at a time throughout the day.

My wife, Alissa, finds herself ultra-busy with our two kids (the other is 10 months old so… just mobility work so far for her!) and helping me run the business side of ATG, so she works HARD on the real metal sled on turf because it gets such huge benefits in little time.

She then picks her favorite exercises from each day’s ATG Basics workout, which is just Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

When we’re not in Florida (where our gym is), Alissa mostly enjoys Zero.

As for me, I’m thriving in the 3 days per week nature of ATG Basics. Normally I train in the morning, so now I spend Tuesday and Thursday mornings with my son! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I also find myself EXTRA motivated for my workouts. I’m finding even better results in my body from this approach!

I hope this article makes your Father’s Day even better!

Yours in Solutions,


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