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The first online gym in the world that coaches your form 7 days a week for only $49.50 a month. Use code FRESHSTART2021 for 50% off the first month.

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Ben Patrick performing a knees over toes squat

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Man swinging his leg back preparing to kick a soccer ball on a grassy fieldMan running while smilingMan dribbling ball on the right wing of the court with a defender staring him downFemale holding male on top of her shouldersSnowboard in the middle of a thin rail

Do what you love, without pain

Then become a world class athlete

(regardless of genetics)
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Why do my knees hurt?

Don’t take our word for it

These are real messages we received from our members

This program has changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ATG Fam. I wanted to minimize my knee pain and I did just that. Thank you ATG!!
Massive thanks for the advice on fixing my calves-it's worked a treat, I ran 5km yesterday with no pain !!
Thank very much. You guys are awesome, I actually have no knee pain right now after a year of constant knee pain
Just wanted to tell you guys that the ATG programs, and specifically the Kot training has dramatically improved my knee health and dramatically lessened my knee pain, and has given me confidence to play sports as much as I want

Thank you for all you've done to help me improve my fitness, athleticism, and happiness!
At first I was a little skeptical, after my last 3 years in PT hearing "never put your knee over your toe" and I can't figure it out for the life of me. I have used muscles in the last 3 weeks that I probably haven't ever used. Not only do my knees feel stronger and sturdy but I can already feel the explosiveness building. I am working to get as many of my friends on this as possible. great stuff
Been a month on the program and it's crazy to even say that I have dunked without quad tendon pain. I had a partially torn quad tendon that i didn't get surgery on and ever since then couldn't jump without pain but after only a month I dunked again!
I had my first basketball practice today and felt no knee pain before, during, or afterwards. Absolutely credit the program to my knees feeling incredible. After 2 knee surgeries and 3 back to back years of basketball! Can't wait to stay on this and see how good I can get ✊🏻✊🏻

In fact, we have more knee success stories than anyone on the planet.


and counting...


One low price for all our current and future programs.

Ben Patrick doing an ATG split squat exercise
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& knee focused


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Progressively adding weight

Dense Strength

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FUll body


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Ben Patrick doing an ATG-style nordic exercise

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You get everything for $49.50 a month and this price will never go up.

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Still not convinced?

Here are some expert opinions about our training system.

Coach Keegan Smith doing an ATG split squat exercise
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"Ben has achieved more results with knees than any person in strength history."

Keegan Smith  Strength Coach

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Doctor Shante Cofield performing a barbell press-up exercise
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"If you're looking for a better way to help your clients who have knee pain, his programming is the answer!"

Dr. Shante Cofield  Doctor

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NFL Champion Daniel Sorensen celebrates the Kansas City Chiefs victory holding a trophy.
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"Tore 2 ligaments in my knee... Found @kneesovertoesguy on Instagram and immediately saw results since DAY 1. It works!"

Daniel Sorensen  NFL Player

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We get it, this is probably unlike any program you’ve seen before.
So we want to answer all the questions you may have.

Why Knees Over Toes?
...the majority of the world has been scared away from strengthening this quality in exercise, because a 1978 Duke University study determined that there is more pressure on your knees when they go over your toes. NO DUH!

The result = knee surgeries and knee replacements going up 10X per capita since then, and now determined to be at epidemic levels, with 790,000 knee replacements last year...

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What are the 10 ATG Principles?
1. Build From The Ground Up. Ankles to knees, knees to hips, hips to shoulders… building in this order makes the most bulletproof body according to gravity, yet no previous system has ever actually programmed its volume accordingly. How do you find out your true athleticism and bulletproofing potential if you build out of balance from your natural design? The more we build from the top down, the more pain and injuries we accumulate and the more gravity-bound we become. The more we build from the ground up, the more we free ourselves of pains and injuries, the more athletic we get, and the longer we live with a high quality of life. Let’s look at the first two steps of Knee Ability Zero...

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What programs do you offer?
Here is what Ben has to say about his programs:

At ATG we don’t address conditions. Conditions have their place but we believe the human body was designed correctly, and our role in the system is helping you travel a route of improving your pain-free ABILITIES.

For example, 2006 chronic knee conditions have resolved on our route thus far.

While we are known for knees, we are actually a full body fitness system of:

Zero (bodyweight-only, 30 minute sessions)

Dense (gradual dominance of additional load, 30 minute sessions)

Standards (strength system of 20 measurable targets, 30 minute sessions)

Equipment list by program

All programs follow the same schedule:

M-W-F Lower

Tues-Thurs Upper and Mobility

You can learn the entire system on the site from Day 1, and we use an app to coach your form and answer your questions under 24 hours, 7 days a week.The route from Knee Ability Zero to Dense Strength to Standards is entirely SCALABLE so that everyone can do every movement, regardless of your current ability!Watch this video to give you more understanding: WHY Knee Ability Zero to Dense Strength to Standards

Best results have been seen by doing 12 weeks of each program in exact sequence from Zero to Dense to Standards, and each program does address your full body and mobility - not just your knees. In fact, many other parts of your body relate TO your knees and are strategically addressed and progressed as you go through.

Knee Ability Zero is the only “optional” step. Yes, I do 12 weeks of bodyweight-only training myself each year, but I understand if someone is in a sport requiring extreme muscle mass and strength and simply does not want to do the bodyweight phase.

Above all, my purpose is to guide YOU to YOUR goals, and you can absolutely progress at your own pace.

However, the Dense Strength program is extremely precise and every single movement sets you up for even greater results in Standards. Even NFL players are finding new strength, speed, and vertical jump on Dense Strength... then new layers on Standards!

This video would be a perfect one to watch to understand why rebuilding and then creating new abilities “brick by brick” can lead to far greater transformation than trying to rush everything at once:
What equipment is needed for the programs?
For the first program, Knee Ability Zero, no equipment is needed. Body weight only.  And you may do the exercises in your home or any other location.As you progress, you will need some equipment.  Here is Ben's article showing what equipment is needed with each program, and where to get it: Equipment by Program! Overview | by Kneesovertoesguy

If you do not have a piece of equipment available, the ATG Coaches are very resourceful and can give you alternative equipment ideas.
What is the length of each ATG workout session? Can I do ATG
while on another athletic program?
Ben understands that many members will have their own athletic programs that they are doing, such as bodybuilding, or specific athletic coaching for basketball, baseball, soccer etc., with their team trainers.

He has this to say about combining your program with the ATG program:
"Fortunately my sessions range from 20-30 minutes and will hit the missing links to get you even more gains out of your existing training!"

Knee Ability Zero is 3 sessions per week (M, W, F) with optional upper body, cardio, and flexibility on off days.  The days you do the 3 sessions can be changed by you to fit your schedule.

Dense Strength is 5 days per week (M-F), but the sessions are short.  There also, you may modify which days you do the 5 sessions, to fit your personal training schedule.

Standards Program is 3 sessions per week (M, W, F) with optional Flexibility Standards workouts on off days.
How much does your program cost?
The program costs $49.50 per month.  It's a monthly recurring subscription service which you can cancel at ANY time.  We currently have a discount coupon which gives you 50% off the first month.  The coupon code is FRESHSTART2021.  Make sure to click "Apply" after inputting the coupon code.
What forms of payment do you take?
We accept credit/debit cards and PayPal.
Can I sign up for just one month?
Yes. You can sign up for one month and cancel, or you may find that you benefit so much from the training that you want to stay on for a number of months.
What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel at any time. Regardless of when you cancel, you will still receive service for the entire month that you paid for.

Sign in to the members-only website, select "Account", "Billing Settings" and "Cancel".  A confirmation of the cancellation will then be emailed to you.
I have patellar tendinitis. Is this program a fit for me?
Ben is not a medical professional and may not give advice regarding medical conditions.  Ben specializes in Knee Ability.  The ATG methodology strengthens and restores the muscles, tendons, and ligaments from the ground up and bulletproofs the knees against the intense forces that they are subjected to in sports and in life.

We have countless members who have improved or eliminated tendinitis and other conditions as a result of doing the Knee Ability Zero Program.  Check out some of the success stories on the website. Here is a video Ben likes to have anyone watch who has knee issues:

Here is a video Ben likes to have anyone watch who has knee issues:
I recently had ACL reconstruction. At what point would it be safe to do this program?
Ben is not a medical professional and may not give advice regarding medical conditions. Consult your surgeon or physical therapist for an answer to this question.

Ben specializes in Knee Ability.  The ATG methodology strengthens and restores the muscles, tendons, and ligaments from the ground up and bulletproofs the knees against the intense forces that they are subjected to in sports and in life.

Once you have your doctor's or PT's approval, get onto the Knee Ability for Life Program and begin to restore your knees.

Here is a video Ben likes to have anyone watch who has knee issues:
Can you give me an idea of what your service consists of? Is it just a list of exercises?
The best answer to this question is to watch the Intro Video here.

There are 2 parts to our service:
(a) the ATG website which is the knowledge base and
(b) the TrueCoach app where we deliver the actual programs, workouts, and coaching

The programs are very clearly laid out and are delivered via the app.  All the exercises are shown on your calendar and you are guided through them daily by your Coach.  You do the exercises for the day, and you send in form videos to your Coach to review.  He will help you as needed.  You have regular back and forth communication with your Coach. Our team of coaches review over 16,000 videos from our members in 70 countries every week!

There are videos showing how you progress from the lowest level to the highest level. There are set ATG Standards that you work towards on each individual exercise, and there is an advanced level for those who have achieved the ATG Standards, as verified by an ATG Coach.

Once you sign up, you will receive an invitation to download the TrueCoach app so that the program of your choice can be assigned and you can get started on your workouts.
My daughter is 16. Can she do this program?
The age requirement for ATG Online Coaching is 18 years old.  To sign up a minor, please fill out this Parental Consent Form.  The minor may then create an account and use the programs.

Meet the team

We work for you 24/7 to help you transform your body.

ATG Founder - Ben Patrick

I wake up (and WORK) 7 days a week with the same motivation: get people trained in the solutions which are not broadly known but which FACTUALLY can change your knee surgery odds from what the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons is predicting for you.

My own chronic knee problems started at age 9, and by 18 I had 3 surgical knee alterations and I had to quit basketball altogether. That’s when I decided to devote my life to figuring out how to bulletproof the knees, and I did just that, transforming from the fragile guy with a lifetime-best 19-inch vertical jump, to now having the knee advantage even when playing against elite NBA players, plus a 42-inch vertical, the only known and documented case of an adult going from sub-20 to over-40 inch vertical jump.

In 2.5 years I’ve taken 1 day off, and I don’t see that changing until 2030 when we find out if the expected increase of 790,000 to 3.5 million knee replacements per year has been prevented due to my own efforts and the growing web of ATG members now making booms in their own areas.

Ben Patrick


As the COO my purpose is simple: run the BUSINESS so Ben can focus on maximally helping people. If you’ve ever run your own business you can relate to how many unseen things actually go into it…

I, too, work 7 days a week but not on any coaching. My job is to bulletproof the BUSINESS and create a work environment where every single staff member loves their job. Ben and his team being able to give their all to helping ATG Fam… THAT is my job.

I also had knee cartilage damage of my own that I was told I would have to live with, and I actually helped Ben in creating some of his most important knee progressions. I completely handled my own symptoms, painlessly, and now that I’ve had a baby, I’m actually looking forward to getting in the best shape of my life.

I was a competitive figure skater for 10 years and I’ll be getting back on the ice soon. Just as Ben is doing his best dunks as he’s entering his 30s, I want to do my best jumps in my 30s! So, yes, I’m an ATG Fam, too! But my time is spent on everything Ben DOESN’T want to do, so he can put all his time into the training system.

Alissa Patrick


ATG Staff Member - Quentin Tomak

I was one of Ben’s first clients, before ATG was even created. I had weak and painful knees and an abysmal 17 inch vertical. I never thought I would be dunking all four plants and being able to do the ATG standards in my sleep.
I’ve trained with ATG since the beginning so I know where it came from to where it is now. There is no better service on the planet and I’m living proof that anyone can overcome knee pain and become more athletic!

Quentin Tomak

Head of App Delivery

ATG Staff Member - Celia Patrick

My purpose in life has always been to help others.  At ATG, we care about results and personal touch.  I love our ATG Fam and get to see their gains every hour of every day.  That makes me a very happy Mama Knees Over Toes ☺️.

Celia Patrick

Head of Customer service

ATG Staff Member - Marley Vargas

When I first arrived at ATG I was overweight, non athletic, and had no hope of achieving my dream of dunking! I literally couldn’t do one chin up and barely touched the net when trying to dunk! I had zero confidence in my appearance and abilities! After training with Ben and the ATG system I lost 20 pounds, dunked for the first time in my life, and my athleticism is at the highest it’s ever been! I’m finally comfortable in my own skin which is probably the best gift that I’ve achieved with this training! This has completely changed my life and so grateful for trying this system!

Marley Vargas

Head of Communications

ATG Staff Member - Mike McKinney

I came to ATG in 2016 as a subpar athlete with a half-hearted work ethic. In the beginning, I needed 2 feet of elevation to do split squats, and I don’t know if I could even touch my toes. Training under Ben and everyone there forced me to confront personal demons I had struggled with for a long time and ask myself if I actually had the desire to accomplish my goals.

Since that time, I’ve achieved flat ground split squats with standard weight, flat nordics, and I am more flexible at 28 than I was at 18. Ben and the ATG family has forever changed my life and allowed me to transform into the mentally and physically disciplined athlete that I am today.

Mike McKinney

Director of App Progress

ATG Staff Member - Jenna Conner

I've always had a passion for helping others. I love being a part of a team that is making a difference in people's lives everyday.

Jenna Conner

Customer Service Specialist

Assisting others in achieving their goals has always been a passion of mine. I feel inspired everyday seeing how many lives are changed by ATG. I am so grateful to be apart of the ATG Family.

Anyssa Bell

Customer Service Specialist

My name is Marcel Betancourt and I am a tennis player from Puerto Rico. I discovered ATG, as a local gym, back in 2015 after my years of competing in college. I came to train with Ben being unathletic, plagued with Tennis Elbow and back pains, in hopes of a chance to pursue a professional career. Since then, I have become ATG's longest standing employee, helped contribute to the development of the ATG system, have resolved all previous physical issues and can finally play tennis completely pain-free, and continue to support Ben by becoming the Head of Progress for ATG.

Marcel Betancourt

Head of Progress and Troubleshooting

ATG Staff Member - David Mariani

I have been training athletes for almost 15 years. With a passion to wear my training to maximize results, I switched my regimen to ATG movements which has led to a world class transformation!

I now institute ATG movements in all of my training work from kids to elite athletes.

Athletes I’ve personally trained include: Pro Bowl RB Melvin Gordon, Cleveland Cavs Matt Mooney, Top MLB prospect Gavin Lux, One of the highest jumpers in the world Connor Dykes, Youtube Basketball Influencer Tristan Jass, and Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler!

David Mariani

ATG Basketball Specialist

I was Ben’s original Jump Balance test subject and at 5’10.5” I might be the shortest guy on earth who’s easily dunking with all 4 plants. But really, I just love basketball and I love helping players get better. I’ve been “in the lab” with Ben more than anyone and I’m excited to help members of ATG Fam who play basketball, as we branch out beyond just physical training and look to help you to the fullest of our abilities.

Marcus Leonard

ATG Basketball Specialist

ATG Staff Member - Issac Ray

In 2018, I joined ATG as an online member. When I studied Ben’s philosophy and began to see results on both the basketball court and daily life, I knew that ATG was the TRUTH that was missing in the kinesiology world.

I come from a basketball background. I played 4 years of Division 3 NCAA basketball and 1 year overseas in England. My mission is to spread ATG to the grassroots level of basketball and end the epidemic of knee injuries plaguing hoopers!

Isaac Ray

ATG Basketball Specialist

I started out as an ATG member who loved the product and the results. Now my passion is improving the technology so that more people can be reached with this world-class training system.

Caleb Schantz

Designer & developer

ATG Staff Member - Andrew Graus

In 2018, Ben invited me to film and create epic highlight videos for the weekly ATG Hoops Runs. And that’s exactly what I did. 2 years later, I’m working for ATG full time creating professional videos to help share Ben’s knowledge and provide valuable resources for our loyal ATG Fam! I enjoy using my editing skills to help ATG in any way that I can.

Andrew Graus

Head of Videography

ATG Staff Member - Michael Grabek

Going into college I found myself weighing 275 lbs. I had dealt with injuries and constant knee pain from basketball over the years. After a few years of working out I ended up getting my weight down to 240 lbs and had finally gotten enough strength to dunk occasionally but still found myself having knee pain.

My last semester of college in 2019 I came across Ben’s profile on Instagram and became one of the first ATG online clients. Almost immediately after starting the program I noticed my knee pain had disappeared and  I was dunking a lot easier even while doing my jumping AFTER my workouts. Fast forward to now, I am currently down to 205 lbs and in the best shape of my life, dunking effortlessly, which is something I never thought I would be able to do.  But most importantly I’m also pain free! I can’t thank Ben and the ATG Fam enough for allowing me to reach my goals while also helping others do the same.

Michael Grabek

Form Coaching Specialist

ATG Staff Member - David Gramling

After having my first knee surgery at 14 years old and suffering with knee pain for over a decade, discovering ATG transformed my life. I have since dedicated myself to studying and embodying the ATG system, so that I may help prevent other people from having to walk the pain-full path I've walked while continuing to heal myself.

David Gramling

Form Coaching Specialist

ATG Staff Member - Logan McAvinchey

I live in and grew up in Cincinnati Ohio.  I have been training and coaching ATG style since 2018.  Currently I am training athletes out of my personal gym.  My vertical jump has gone up 8” since using ATG’s training methods and I am now able to dunk off all 4 jump plants.

Logan McAvinchey

Form Coaching Specialist

I originally tore my ACL and meniscus when I was only 16 years old, I was in a wheelchair for over a month recovering and never thought I’d be able to enjoy the game of basketball again. Thankfully I found Ben in October of 2019 and he completely changed my life for the better. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am physically or mentally. I am now pain free and able to do things in basketball I once dreamed of. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the ATG staff and assist in changing lives just like my life was changed!

Edward Zurita

Form Coaching Specialist

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