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The ATG Equipment List

What I’m Currently Using, With Links & Discount Codes

ATG Buddies

Sled Strap

Tank Sled KOTG5

The Home Back Extension

The Nordstick

The Nordic Bench

Tibialis Bar

Reverse Squat Straps

NuoBell Dumbbells KOTGSMRTFT5

ATG Barbell

BridgeBuilt Rack

FlyBird Adjustable Bench ATG20

AbMat ATG10

Origin Joggers & Jocko Go PATRICK101

This is all the stuff you might see me using in my videos. I’ve asked each company for a discount. For what I make in-house, ATG Members get a 20% discount.

I’ll update this list and article as soon as anything changes.

For the record, I don’t think you need ANY equipment to get great knee results. My Knee Ability Zero program alone has thousands of knee success stories. However, I like lifting weights and I think there are many unique advantages to gain through loading and equipment.

My site and app have all my full-body programs and short-term protocols for feet, knees, hips, back, and shoulders, with your form coached and questions answered under 24 hours, 7 days a week. Since Day 1, my price has been $49.50/month, and as far as I can find, that’s still the lowest price for such a service. Use ATG50 code and pay half for your first month with no long-term contract.

The following article provides more info on the equipment listed above:

I made the ATG Buddies as a more stable solution for Reverse Step Ups and ATG Split Squats, which are my bread and butter. I love slantboards, but using a full slantboard on top of other surfaces is a bit scary. Plus, ATG Buddies are a breeze to travel with.

“But isn’t it just a bigger version of a doorstop?” Yep! It basically is, but with better grip and sturdiness. In fact, per ounce it still comes out to about the same cost as buying industrial-sized doorstops, which is what I was using prior to making the ATG Buddies. They shouldn’t run out since I restocked my initial order with American-made recycled rubber. ATG Members get a 20% discount.

I made my own Sled Strap because there wasn’t a simple solution for sale for backwards sled. I used to have to advise making multiple purchases totalling well over $100 just to backward sled with a stable product. Now my design has been taken up by the longstanding American strap legend, Spud Inc., and we’re making this specific product together. ATG Members get 20% off.

The Torque Tank is the most user-friendly, though it’s not American-made. Fortunately, the owner is talking with me about making one together, American-made, or at least making any chunks of it here that we can.

My personal sled prototype measures time and distance, has wraparound rail so you can just go backward without undoing the belt every time you turn around, and folds down flat so it can be shipped to you pre-assembled. How soon this comes to market has everything to do with whether it can be made (or mostly made) in America. KOTG5 = 5% off.

I’ve never found a back extension machine that checks all the boxes I want, so I made my own. I could have pre-sold it now but I felt bad having people wait up to 12 weeks from time of order, so we’re going to finish some custom tooling and then put them for sale with much faster building and delivery. It’s American-made, arrives pre-assembled, and folds right out. ATG Members will receive 20% off. Will be for sale this holiday season.

I wanted a Nordic Bench with a few more features while being American-made. My prototype arrives to me this week. It’ll be for sale this holiday season, and ATG Members will get 20% off.

Tibialis Bars are very common now. You can Google search and find plenty to choose from. Home Gym Guy in Australia was the first to revive it, after asking me what needed to exist that didn’t. But it was Bob Gajda who decades ago had the idea; sadly, he just wasn’t business savvy. So my wife and I agreed to make one, and sell it at cost.

We’re finalizing the prototype this week and then we can bring them to market quickly. It’ll be the only not-for-profit equipment I’ve heard of. We discussed donating profits to charity in Bob’s name, but that just seemed shady. Bob wanted his help to spread and he was a man of integrity, so making it as affordable as possible for people to try, while still being American-made, accomplishes what we intended.

I helped others make millions off equipment without incentive to myself, and I have YouTube’s biggest fitness page that still hasn’t turned ad money on, because I just want people to get the education and not watch crappy ads. Not everything has to be about profit. The universe will reward you big-time if you help people.

My first batch of American-made Reverse Squat Straps finishes this month. They’ll be very affordable, especially with an additional 20% off for members.

I use NuoBell dumbbells in my home gym. They’re not American-made but they’re just so dang user-friendly. I have the set up to 80 pounds per hand. KOTGSMRTFT5 gets you 5% off. IDKWTH is up with that code — could’ve just made it KOT5 — but there ya go!

I have my own American-made barbell with “ATG” on it. I can make these pretty quickly if anyone is interested, and I won’t need to make the typical profit someone would need to, since it’s a great promotion for ATG if you want to have one in your gym.

I’ve been using American Barbell bumper plates. Apparently they’re the most American-made plates in terms of their start-to-finish process. I love them! I’m currently working on reaching them to get an influencer code for you.

As for a rack, I am testing out the BridgeBuilt rack this week. It was my favorite that I’ve found so far. If I like it, I’ll get a discount code for you! I’ve already spoken to the owner and he’s incredibly passionate about making the best possible rack. Awesome person!

I use the FlyBird adjustable bench. It’s not American-made, but it arrives pre-assembled and folds up. For me that’s a huge deal. Meanwhile, I’m working on my own version of this, but American-made. ATG20 = 20% off.

I’ve been using an AbMat for couch stretching, which is American-made and actually has foam innovation beyond anything else on the market. This is how I’m getting such amazing foam for my back extension and Nordic bench. Absolutely HUGE shoutout to its owner. He has been an incredible friend, bringing me up to speed in this game of creating more purposeful American jobs through American manufacturing. ATG10 = 10% off.

As for workout gear, I’ve been loving the joggers from Origin because they stretch so well for my ATG mobility work. American-made clothing is much more rare than you may think! And it’s still a great price. I’ve even been using their pre-workout drink by Jocko Willink. It’s 95mg of caffeine which is a lot less than a normal pre-workout beverage, but the added supplements in there somehow make me feel like I’m on a 200–300mg caffeine pre-workout. I’ve had amazing sessions on it, and the taste is so good! It’s like being a kid again, but without any junk ingredients. PATRICK101 gets you a discount on all their stuff. I’m so grateful for the work they’re doing to bring back American jobs.

Yours in Solutions,


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