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The Athletic Truth Group Equipment List

Please understand: I do not profit even 1 PENNY on any piece of equipment on this list.

The list has been read over 850,000 times. If you have a problem with the price or anything else, take it up with the person who makes it. I believe each product on this list changes lives well beyond the price tag.

And to put cost into perspective:

Everything on this list combined costs less than a single new treadmill. Human bulletproofing engineered has never been this accessible or affordable.

For my innovative programs with obsessive customer service for your dollar, check out Membership is $49.50 a month with no long-term contract and half off your first month. That way, anyone willing to mow a lawn or wash a car can check it out for a full month. It is the exact business I wish had existed when I was at my worst, spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to repair my body.




  • Nordic Strap ($39.95) or Squat Rack Makeshift Nordic (load more than you weigh on opposite side, then add thick padding under your knees and behind your Achilles)
  • THICK Mat ($30.75)

That’s it!

Everything else is general gym equipment or household items.

These exact items are:

Cinder Block ($2, Home Depot)

PVC Pipe ($2, Home Depot)

Towel ($7, Bed Bath & Beyond Your Genetic Limits)

Weights & Rack (I got mine from LiuXiaojun Barbell but I have no preference here.)

Adjustable Bench: I like FlyBird ($149.99) on Amazon because it arrives fully assembled.

And for the record, my Watson dumbbells are the most expensive material item I own. Alissa and I split an $8,000 Jeep and we will drive it till it can drive no more.

I don’t own a TV. I don’t wear a watch. I don’t own a suit. But I’ve got world-class dumbbells. Each one has my son’s name and birthdate. I drew the logo by hand. I will pass them down to him like a knight passing down his sword.

These are not required for results. These are my one meaningful personal item. Anything else I need I could pack in a backpack and leave everything else behind without thinking twice.

Thank you for reading and Much Love,


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