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The ATG Equipment List

ATG (Athletic Truth Group) has come a long way since I first made this equipment list. The web page has now been opened 1.3 million times.

You don’t need equipment to start learning the basics of ATG, with Zero being the best-selling exercise book on Amazon so far this year. It’s also delivered via site and app along with my weighted programs. I’m now on Advanced Dense, but the tried-and-true routes that thousands of success stories have come from are all available from the moment you sign up. There is no long-term contract, and you get customer service and coaching feedback 7 days per week.

This article is divided into two parts. First, a chronological breakdown of those who paved the way for the unique products I use. Second, a live look at my home vs. gym choices for equipment. It includes links to what I just purchased for my next 6 months of training from home in California while my wife and I gear up for baby #2, vs. what I purchased for “ATG Buddies Gym” — my staff training studio in Florida…


The first person to make products specifically to assist ATG members was Derek Williams, aka Mr Infinity. He now has 5 different affordable products on Amazon that make ATG training a breeze. I can personally vouch for them, and we made this video together to show you all 5 in action. Very well done, Derek, and thank you. Derek is 43 and used ATG to help rejuvenate his body. He LIVES it and sets an example for the longevity I want to have. He made a KOT10 code that gives you 10% off everything.

Slantboardguy’s custom slantboards and step-up boards are tried and true, having helped ATG members all over the world. He has a family business and he’s been so kind to my family. KOTNORDIC gets you a free Nordic strap with your purchase.

Legendary bodybuilder Bob Gadja extended pro sports careers decades ago with his DARD (Dynamic Axial Resistance Device), but it never caught on and fell out of production long ago. Two years ago, Homegymguy asked me what piece of equipment I needed that wasn’t being produced anywhere. I believed it was time for us to face one of our weakest links and rebuild from the ground up. Homegymguy had the guts to revive a free weight tibialis loading device — something that statistically had been a flop! He took the risk, and it was a hit. His Tib Bar, IsoTib, and more changed my life and have assisted thousands of life-changing success stories. ATGXHGG gets you 10% off.

The MonkeyFoot was a huge help to me and others for hip-flexor training with measurable load — from home! — and its ownership has been very helpful sponsoring school sports teams, etc., when I have reached out to them. It’s already a very affordable product, and you can use KOTGTEN for 10% off.

One of my top ATG Coaches and his dad started making affordable versions of these kinds of products in order to help our members. Logan is living proof of our programs, and he’s turned his passion for equipment into a quality business with a variety of products. Very well done! ATG10 gets you 10% off.

A longtime ATG member in England has some brilliant innovations of his own, and he’s always working away at new ideas!

And most recently, Torque Fitness has been extremely helpful in getting people who train from home SLEDDING. It’s not cheap, but they have a variety of models for different budgets. My mom uses the M1 from home with great results, and I have the M4s for ATG Buddies Gym. KOTG5 gets you 5% off.


Rack: At ATG Buddies Gym I got the $1000 Valor Fitness Half Rack, which has multi-angle pullups, dip attachment, plate storage, etc. — we freaking love this model! For home I got a $150 rack on Amazon that doesn’t have dip attachment, so I also got $25 rings to hang. This will allow me to do all the presses, pulls, squats, etc. in the Advanced Dense Program, for as cheap as possible.

Bars & Plates: For the record, I can’t stand plates in pounds. 10, 25, 45… is way less user-friendly than 5–10–20 kilogram plates. Valor Fitness has killer yet low-priced, all-black 70kg plate sets (2–5s, 10s, 20s) and bars that I used to deck out ATG Buddies Gym. For home, I splurged on a Hero Bar that I found on Amazon in my favorite color. If I’m gonna be training from home for 6 months with some of the cheapest tools possible, I figured I might as well be lifting a bar I really like.

Dumbbells: Watson in England is KING. My profession is fitness and teaching what I do in videos. I don’t own expensive things. I don’t have expensive hobbies. I can fit everything I care to own in a backpack. But I have the best dumbbells. I highly recommend Watson for gym owners because you know you’re getting the best. Any pieces I’ve ordered from them (starting 8 years ago) work like new. Kneesovertoesguy5 saves you 5% on everything from Watson.

I’ve also recently ordered the 80lb NuoBells as a more affordable home alternative, and they are AWESOME. Use KOTGSMRTFT5 for 5% off.

Adjustable Bench: The Valor benches are perfect for ATG Buddies Gym, but one of my all-time favorite home products is the FlyBird bench because it comes PRE-ASSEMBLED.

Back Extension: The Valor one has been a fan favorite for almost a decade. For home, I’m trying this $150 one off Amazon. So far, so good, but I will test it a bit longer before fully vouching for it, to make sure it holds up.

Nordics: Companies like Rogue and Sorinex make real Nordic Benches, but for the next 6 months of Advanced Dense and then Advanced Standards, I will just be using a $35 NordStick and $35 ProSource pad — which is a thick, personal gymnastics-style pad that I highly recommend for the stretches, too. For the knees, having extra cushion allows you to exert harder, thanks to less discomfort.

Cable: While I’m doing things like pullups, Alissa does one-arm pulldowns. I won’t be needing a cable machine for the next 6 months, but for Alissa I’m happy to invest in the Ancore to mimic a cable machine from home. If you buy, use code ATG for a discount.

That’s everything!

Hope this helps, and see you in the yard…

Yours in Solutions,


PS. If you or someone you know thinks some of these items can be made in the US, please let me know, since that is my long-term goal in terms of selling products myself. You can reach out to me by sending in a message at Much appreciated!

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