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Do what you love, without pain

Then become a world class athlete

(regardless of genetics)

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Still not convinced?

Here are some expert opinions about our training system.

Coach Keegan Smith doing an ATG split squat exercise
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"Ben has achieved more results with knees than any person in strength history."

Keegan Smith  Strength Coach

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Doctor Shante Cofield performing a barbell press-up exercise
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"If you're looking for a better way to help your clients who have knee pain, his programming is the answer!"


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NFL Champion Daniel Sorensen celebrates the Kansas City Chiefs victory holding a trophy.
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"Tore 2 ligaments in my knee... Found @kneesovertoesguy on Instagram and immediately saw results since DAY 1. It works!"

Daniel Sorensen  NFL Player

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We get it, this is probably unlike any program you’ve seen before.
So we want to answer all the questions you may have.

Why Knees Over Toes?

Watch this video where Ben explains the Why behind Knees Over Toes.

...the majority of the world has been scared away from strengthening this quality in exercise, because a 1978 Duke University study determined that there is more pressure on your knees when they go over your toes. NO DUH!

The result = knee surgeries and knee replacements going up 10X per capita since then, and now determined to be at epidemic levels, with 790,000 knee replacements last year...

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What are the 10 ATG Principles?

1. Build From The Ground Up. Ankles to knees, knees to hips, hips to shoulders… building in this order makes the most bulletproof body according to gravity, yet no previous system has ever actually programmed its volume accordingly. How do you find out your true athleticism and bulletproofing potential if you build out of balance from your natural design?

The more we build from the top down, the more pain and injuries we accumulate and the more gravity-bound we become. The more we build from the ground up, the more we free ourselves of pains and injuries, the more athletic we get, and the longer we live with a high quality of life. Let’s look at the first two steps of Knee Ability Zero...

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What programs do you offer?

At ATG (Athletic Truth Group) we don’t address conditions. Conditions have their place, but we believe the human body was designed correctly, and our role in the system is helping you travel a route of improving your pain-free ABILITIES.
While we are known for knees, we are actually a full body fitness system.  

Ben says: "My goal for the ATG system is to engineer human bulletproofing which can help athletes in any sport and every other person of any age or ability."

We have nearly 50 programs within these 8 categories.  So, it is likely we have a program to meet your specific needs and goals!  

Ben's Zone



Jump Ability


Martial Arts



Several programs have 3 or 4 progressions, starting with a no-equipment bodyweight version which can be done at home, and progressing to versions with weights and equipment which may be done at a home or commercial gym.




There are 4 progressions of knee programs.


Knee Ability Zero is Ben's first and foundational program for joint health. It's a bodyweight rebuild from the ground up.  Knee Ability Zero is optional, but highly recommended as the first step if you have knee or ankle issues.  

The schedule is:
M-W-F Lower
Tues-Thurs Optional Upper and Mobility

Here is an overview video: https://youtu.be/y9wJWdAXzWA

Zero weights needed.

Zero equipment needed. [Optional upper body exercises on Tuesday/Thursday require nominal equipment.]

Zero need to work through pain.

Zero special abilities needed to start.

If you have knee issues, watch this video!



There are 3 progressions of Back Ability Programs.


My goal is to give you a full body Back Ability workout you can use for yourself or others, RIGHT NOW (and forever more), with ZERO gym equipment.  This is a M, W, F programs 1 to 2 rounds of 9 exercises.


This is designed for someone whose biggest goal is improving the ability of the ankles.  However, it's a full-body program so you can take the guesswork out of your entire program during this time.  There are 3 progressions.


The goal of this program is to address 10 things which I find almost every modern person to be deficient in.  By addressing these areas as part of your general exercise routine, you may find yourself a superhuman compared to the norm!

There are 3 progressions of ATG Zero:


Common Sense University is the humorous but real name of the school system I'm creating for my kids.  www.commonsenseu.org.

These are 10 exercise basics I will NOT be forcing on my kids, but rather: setting an example myself while gradually teaching them as part of their school system.


This is the first ATG lifting program I would have given to a younger version of myself, after first mastering the CSU regimen.  And much like the CSU regimen, the beginner ATG lifting regimen happens to be a great longevity program, too.  Following a balanced strength routine is one of the best investments you can put in your body.


This is how I'm training to build more muscle NOW...while also pursuing my goal of dunking when I'm 50 years old.  ATG Volume Legs, Intensity Upper...



This is Alissa's current program.  She does ATG twice a week and skates once a week.


This is the routine Alissa developed for herself over 2 pregnancies, and she felt compelled to share.  Anyone pregnant should go over their exercise routine with their doctor.


This is OPTIONAL and intended as a step-by-step scale of the forces of running and jumping.  Only use up to the level that feels like common sense for your life.  This can be done once per week.




"STRETCH-STRENGTH" is, in my opinion, the greatest LONG-term longevity breakthrough.

Youth is flexibility.  Adulthood is strength.  What's aging?  LOSS OF BOTH.  Now we have a step-by-step system that members of all ages are consistently winning with, improving strength and flexibility at the same time.


This is an introductory home program for older and active members who want to improve their strength and flexibility.  It requires a set of light dumbbells.  We never train through pain, and we always regress any exercise to a comfortable, pain-free level.  


This program is compiled of ATG exercises by long-time ATG member and Certified ATG Trainer, Geoff Reed.  At the age of 46, Geoff regained the ability to dunk as well as do the front splits using the ATG Exercise System.  

There are 3 progressions of the Weekend Warrior Program:


The Weekend Warrior ZERO program requires minimal or no equipment.  The goal is to help you eliminate obstacles and/or excuses as you work to build the strength, mobility, and injury resilience needed to play your favorite sports.


Ben created this program for his mom, who intends to remain mobile and active for decades. There is a 5-day version and a 7-day version.  This program uses equipment.  Ben says: "This is the simplest program I've ever made.  It very well may be my favorite program ever, because it's the one I could do the rest of my life."


@Mr1nf1n1ty's program: Welcome to "Infinite Zero," a revolutionary fitness program designed for anyone and anywhere.  Embrace an equipment-free journey that leverages the ATG bodyweight exercises, and movements to sculpt your body and enhance your well-being.  Unlock your infinite potential with a program that adapts to all fitness levels, ensuring a sustainable and effective path to a healthier you.




Aka Athletic Hypertrophy / My Current Program.  This program is designed to build muscle and strength in a balanced and athletic manner using ATG structural balance calculations.  Gaining muscle on this program will improve your athletic ability and the balanced strength will improve your joint integrity and help prevent potential injuries as an athlete.  This program will automatically calculate weight based on your ATG Squat max.  To update your max, enter a weight on at least one set.


This program is designed to maximize muscle growth by using a full spectrum of intensity on your muscles. You will reach a deeper burn than probably ever before by using up all stored energy and triple barreling all the fibers with maximal work being done.


Each session flows “from the ground up” from ankle to knee to hip to shoulder to elbow, therefore requiring very little breaks. This turns the unique ATG bulletproofing and athleticism benefits into a potent body comp workout, shifting the body to less fat and more muscle!

There are 2 progressions:


This comprehensive workout regimen is ideal for individuals looking to develop a powerful and muscular physique.  It combines ATG principles with compound exercises, a focus on proper form, progressive overload, and targeted muscle group training to help you achieve significant gains in strength and muscle mass.


Squat School is a 3-phase program:

6 weeks Original Dense

6 weeks Squat Calculator

6 weeks Peaking Program

Squat School represents the go-to solutions we used to make off-season athletic transformations at the original ATG gym.


I realized that even my own foundation has a way to go, and this program is so simple it can be done from a bedroom! Slant squats should be as easy as push-ups. Nordic control should be as easy as pull-up control. Even at HQ, I’m regularly doing the Zero version of ATG Shred!




Each workout goes in this order:

  1. Sled
  2. Stretch-Strength
  3. No Weak Links
  4. Bodyweight

This represents the ATG system itself!

Sled, Stretch-Strength, and No Weak Links are the 3 pillars of ATG, but Bodyweight is "Pillar 0" so you can always control your fitness even when the gym isn't open.




Jump Ability Zero is the BASE of reaching your jump ability potential.  ZERO meaning starting from the roots of the jump technique with minimal load.  Focusing on mastering the full process of the Jump Ability!


The two Jump Programs are addressed in this article:



Jump Ability Deluxe is the next stage of LOADED but continues to work on the simplicities of your jumping ability.  Having a more intense "Jump Day" that also includes plyometrics, you still will train the essential movements that you use when you jump.  This will go for 24 weeks for the best results and can be continued after 24 weeks.


This is a Sunday workout where you will practice 4 specific jumps.  Each jump has 11 points of perfect form, and we will be breaking down your jumps in slow motion to coach you to perfection!




A comprehensive program for grapplers.  Build resilience from feet to neck so you can practice BJJ for decades to come.  We work movements across long ranges of motion so your training will translate to your movement on the mat.


You first will watch Neck Training Concept videos before beginning the Untapped Neck Program.  

You can take any of these neck circuits and add them to your current programming.  Keep frequency to 2 - 3 times per week initially.  Most people have never truly trained their necks.  Progress these movements and progressively load them slowly and gradually to build a strong and durable neck for martial arts.

There are 5 Progressions: Body Weight; Plate Loaded; Band Progression; Head Harness Progression; Head Harness All Angle Training.




Build elite strength and mobility through key areas necessary for high performance and longevity in the world of soccer.  Master these exercises to greatly improve your speed and quickness while reducing injury.  This program has alternating weeks of training designed to keep you progressing and hitting personal bests every time you repeat a workout.  There are two progressions:


Leonard Johnson was the first pro athlete to give me (Ben) a chance when I was in the early stages of forming the ATG system.  We beat the odds with his NFL career, and he retired the healthiest and most athletic of his career.  Now we work on this program together to reflect his journey and help other younger players.

It’s specifically for BASKETBALL because deep strength is the biggest gap.  In one off-season this could transform a player or team.  But anyone trying to bring up deep strength could do it.  I’m doing it the whole summer.


The ATG Distance program was made with feedback from other ATG members who compete in endurance events and have great success in maximizing athletic performance while bulletproofing their bodies to higher levels and reducing pain.  The theories behind it are detailed in an “ATG Clues For Distance Running” article in the study section [for members.]


Designed by L2 ATG Coach and Doctor of Physical Therapy Kenny Walters.  He describes the program:

"An effective whole-body progression for increasing athletic potential and decreasing troublesome joint restrictions for people of any level of ability - everything SCALES.

The novelty of the blueprint is that it is a LIVING program; as I discover more effective exercises and progressions, I will add them in."

There are 7 progressions of this program.


Drawing inspiration from ATG, I've turned the path to the NHL into a math equation.  This versatile program prepares hockey players at any time in the season, boosting your abilities and chances of achieving your dreams on the ice.     -ATG Certified Coach, Mason Hackel

There are 4 progressions:


ATG methodology applied to the needs & wants of tennis players. It covers balance between sides, upper/lower body training, as well as flexibility. Becoming strong at the lifts covered here will help bulletproof against the forces your body experiences during the various strokes, quick change of direction, and court coverage during a match.


The goal is all 10 targets done each week, for 3 sets per exercise. These targets aren’t expected to be done from day 1, and they would've taken me years to achieve. Everyone starts somewhere, every exercise scales to virtually any level, and EVERY win should be valued.


Created by one of our very own staff members who has LIVED it (playing D1 volleyball while doing the exercises from this program), the volleyball In-Season program is designed for volleyball players who have to manage a weekly practice/game schedule while doing the ATG program.

The Volleyball Off-Season program is designed for volleyball players in the off-season who want to increase their vertical, agility and hitting ability. The program takes the guesswork out on how to create a LONG-TERM body transformation for the sport of volleyball. The program serves as a very strong base and be adjusted as needed with our staff volleyball players.

There is also a Zero version which requires no equipment, and which is also great for kids!


This program is designed to perfectly compliment your Olympic weightlifting sessions! Following your snatch and clean and jerk variations, head immediately into ATG work designed to help you maximize your Olympic lifting!


This can be done once per week to rehabilitate and/or improve running and jumping ability. The key is to never work past a level you are 100% pain-free, and instead do more reps at the level you feel good on.


These are my findings from 10 years of helping hundreds of people achieve their first dunk...

The schedule is Monday through Friday with Jump Sessions on Sunday.  The workouts in Week #1 vary from the workouts in Week #2.


Being a basketball player in season can take a huge toll on your body. This program is designed to eliminate the effects of a relentless basketball season by decreasing pain and increasing athletic ability!




In Standards, the idea is to test your abilities in 19 different areas, and thus find out more about your strengths and weaknesses relative to the thousands of others who have done my system.  A 'Standard' is simply a measurable ability that by actual test most people can't do, but by actual experience coaching, most people can achieve!  Each Standard is unorthodox compared to traditional exercise, but each Standard follows simple, evidential clues for greater longevity.

Zero, Dense and Standards are my 3 classic programs.  They are the original route - the culmination of 10 years of gradual success at reverse engineering pain, aging, and lack of athleticism.  They have created well over 2,000 knee success stories, along with thousands more for the rest of the body.

Standards is a 5-day program.  


This program is designed for women with the assistance of Ben's wife Alissa.  There are 24 standards to master.  It's a 5-day program.  These exercises may be done by women of any level, because each exercise is regressed to its pain-free level.  One gradually improves their strength, flexibility, and mobility.

The Standards percentages were inspired by Charles Poliquin's article on structural balance. The number came directly from coaching people and are derived from baseline targets used to help prepare Olympic athletes. Based on different events, Male & Female marks are different, and the strength preparation reflects that.

Follow @womenofatg on Instagram.  You will see many women there doing ATG exercises.


This is a Standards program devised by Ben and Derek Williams, @Mr1nf1n1ty. These are the standards that Derek can do that he is trying to maintain the rest of his life.


The goal of this program is no weak or tight links!  The results have been people like me, with average or even below average genetics, winding up freak resilient and athletic!  There are 30 Standards to achieve.


Due to recent equipment advancements, it's never been more user-friendly to do the FULL ATG system.  This program represents the fullest and most balanced program I've ever put online.  THANK YOU for giving me a shot!


This is the classic version of Knee Dense that I used with a high school football team at the original ATG gym.  The result was greater full body muscle mass, while getting exceptional mobility and athleticism.


This is the program Keegan Smith (one of Ben's mentors) has used to build his best body despite traveling around the world and rarely having a gym!



Some members may wish to focus on a particular area or function of the body that is uncomfortable, before embarking on a full body program.  These protocols are meant to be done for about 6 weeks.

Ben has protocols for wrists & elbows, shoulders, groin, shins, feet, glutes, and hips.  He has a full program for ankles, under the category: Ben's Zone.

WRIST & ELBOW: This protocol is intended to be done 2-3 times per week in order to bring up weak links.  It is also spread out across Ben's 3 full body workouts in Ben's Zone > Full ATG Protocol.

HAND: Hand Ability is a 5-day protocol designed to reverse out restrictions that come about from modern responsibility - from desk worker to baseball player.  The program utilizes evidence-based protocols from tendon gliding and nerve gliding exercises combined in one, ensuring you are reversing OUT restriction and building UP resilience.

SHOULDER: This protocol is designed to increase your ability to handle and transfer forces through your shoulders - the stronger you become while increasing range of motion through these movements will bulletproof you against injury and allow you to exert higher forces i.e., punching, throwing, serving, etc. You can do this 3 to 4 times per week.  It's been used to help people who thought they had to give up baseball or other shoulder-dependent activities. You can do this protocol to support your own fitness regimen, or in addition to any full-body ATG program to bring up low scores in your shoulder Structural Balance.  

GROIN: Tweaks in the groin can be a nuisance to overcome — so we reverse-engineered a simple 3-day a week program designed to bolster this area towards greater levels of Groin Ability.

SHIN: Shin pain caused me a lot of anguish and cost me a lot of money over an 8-year period. But it didn’t have to. Here’s how…

FOOT: This is a very basic 3x per week formula to get the feet progressing in ABILITY. Experience has shown me that a vast amount of foot problems are simply lack of training of the strength and flexibility of the feet, since Squats, Deadlifts, Leg Presses, Leg Extensions - all the most-used weightroom exercises - lack foot movement and loading!

GLUTE: This is a recipe for someone wanting to use ATG to develop the glutes.

HIP: This is designed to get the hips an increase of ability, which has resulted in hundreds of reports of decreased pain and increased freedom with the hips. But the goal is always just an increase of PAIN-FREE ABILITY. That's it. All the success stories for overcoming injuries are a welcomed byproduct.

What equipment is needed for the programs?

For the first program, Knee Ability Zero (called "Zero" on our coaching app), no equipment is needed for the 8 key lower body exercises on M, W, F. The optional upper body exercises on Tues. and Thurs. require nominal equipment. Knee Ability Zero is body weight only.  And you may do the exercises in your home or any other location.

As you progress, you will need some equipment.  Here is Ben's article showing the ATG brand equipment that is available: ATG Equipment List | Medium

If you do not have a piece of equipment available, the ATG Coaches are very resourceful and can give you alternative equipment ideas.

What is the length of each ATG workout session? Can I do ATG while on another athletic program?

Ben understands that many members will have their own athletic programs that they are doing, such as bodybuilding, martial arts, yoga, endurance training, or specific athletic coaching for basketball, baseball, soccer etc., with their team trainers.

He has this to say about combining your program with the ATG program:

"Fortunately, my sessions range from 20-30 minutes and will hit the missing links to get you even more gains out of your existing training!"

Knee Ability Zero is 3 sessions per week (M, W, F) with optional upper body exercises and stretching on off-days (T, Th).  The days you do the 3 sessions can be changed by you to fit your schedule.

The Dense Strength Program is 5 days per week (M - F).  The sessions are about 30 - 45 minutes.

The Standards Program is also 5 days per week (M - F).  The sessions are about 30 - 45 minutes.

The other programs are generally 5 days programs. Some are 6 days.

How much does your program cost?

The program costs $49.50 USD per month.  It's a monthly recurring subscription service which you may cancel at ANY time, and still get your full month of service.

The first month is 50% off with coupon code ATG50, just $24.75 USD. The coupon is input after your payment information has been input at www.atgonlinecoaching.com.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Can I sign up for just one month?

Yes. You can sign up for one month and cancel, or you may find that you benefit so much from the training that you want to stay on for a number of months. The first month is 50% off with coupon code ATG50 - just $24.75 USD.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel at any time. Regardless of when you cancel, you will still receive service for the entire month that you paid for.

I have patellar tendinitis. Is this program a fit for me?

Ben is not a medical professional and may not give advice regarding medical conditions.  Ben specializes in Knee Ability.  The ATG methodology strengthens and restores the muscles, tendons, and ligaments from the ground up and bulletproofs the knees against the intense forces that they are subjected to in sports and in life.

We have countless members who have improved or eliminated tendinitis and other conditions as a result of doing the Knee Ability Zero Program.  Check out some of the success stories on the website.

Here is a video Ben likes to have anyone watch who has knee issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GkrbO0rDnQ

I recently had ACL reconstruction. At what point would it be safe to do this program?

Ben is not a medical professional and may not give advice regarding medical conditions. Consult your surgeon or physical therapist for an answer to this question.

Ben specializes in Knee Ability.  The ATG methodology strengthens and restores the muscles, tendons, and ligaments from the ground up and bulletproofs the knees against the intense forces that they are subjected to in sports and in life.

Once you have your doctor's or PT's approval, get onto the Knee Ability Zero Program and begin to restore your knees.

Here is a video Ben likes to have anyone watch who has knee issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GkrbO0rDnQ

Can you give me an idea of what your service consists of? Is it just a list of exercises?

ATG Online Coaching is an online fitness coaching service which delivers daily coaching of your selected program through a custom app. ATG stands for Athletic Truth Group.  

Here is an introductory video from Ben.

The service includes:

1. Over 50 fitness programs to meet your needs. You may select the program of your choice and change programs at any time.

2. Daily coaching of your program through a custom app, through videos submitted by the member to the coaching team for exercise form review. We coach your form every workout for only $49.50 USD per month. There is no contract, and you may cancel at any time.  

3. Ability to converse with the coaching team 24/7 and receive a reply within 24 hours.

4. Access to a Private YouTube Library on the Members Website www.atgonlinecoaching.com, which has 1400+ videos created by Coach Ben Patrick (owner and @kneesovertoesguy)

5. Access to a Library of articles written by Coach Patrick

6. Weekly newsletter from Coach Patrick

7. 20% Member Discount on ATG-brand equipment www.atgequipment.com

8. 20% Member Discount on Uncivilized Sneakers www.uncivilizedsneaker.com

How the Program Works

Our service is delivered through a coaching app. The programs are very clearly laid out and are delivered via the app.  All the exercises are shown, and you are guided through them daily by your Coach. You do the exercises for the day, and you send in form videos to your Coach to review.  He will help you as needed.  You have regular back and forth communication with your Coach. Our team of Coaches review thousands of videos from our members in over 125 countries every week!

There are tutorial videos showing how you progress from the lowest level to the highest level. There are set ATG Standards that you work towards on each individual exercise, as verified by an ATG Coach.

Every exercise is scalable so that the difficulty can be increased or decreased in order to find the precise level challenging your current ability and without causing any pain. The tutorial videos will always demonstrate methods of regression.

When you sign up, you will be guided to download the app that we use for the daily coaching.  You will download the app and receive a message from your Coach, select your program, and start. You may change programs at any time.

The monthly subscription fee pays for daily coaching of your program via our custom app.  You will be working with a team of ATG experts, each of whom has been personally trained by Ben.  You may write to the coach 24/7 and always receive a reply in less than 24 hours.  It's like having your own coaching team to help get you through the program to maximal gains!

My daughter is 16. Can she do this program?

The age requirement for ATG Online Coaching is 18 years old. Parental consent is required for any member younger than 18. There is a parental consent option available to you when signing up your minor child.

Where do I buy Ben's books?

Thank you for your interest in Ben's books.


Knee Ability Zero is about Ben's first and foundational program for strengthening and making more flexible the tendons, ligaments, and muscles in and around the joints, from the ground up. It's a great basis for any activity in life, or any sport. Once you learn the exercises, the program takes about 30 minutes, 3 times per week. This program, Knee Ability Zero, uses no equipment and can be done in your own home. It's bodyweight only.

Here is the link:

Knee Ability Zero: Patrick, Ben: 9798985135800: Amazon.com: Books


My knees were my biggest downfall. I turned them into my biggest strength.  I did this by FACING my situation and training with my knees over toes, even though mainstream exercise education advised against it.  It WORKED because I scaled back knees over toes training to LOWER levels than had been broadly taught… then I never stopped building back up from there!
We call this ability training.
Rather than avoid your difficult areas - which has become the norm in exercise - I find the levels you DO have, without pain, and then I build you up on a step-by-step route from there.  Over the past decade, I’ve helped thousands of people turn their downfalls into their strengths, backs included!  This book gives you my full workout to find and train every starting point for the back. I hope it can be your personal guide on the route to your back ABILITY.

Here is the link:

Back Ability Zero: Build A Better Back Without Leaving Home: Patrick, Ben: 9798985135831: Amazon.com: Books


ATG for Life is a 2 workouts-per-week program for longevity. It's a wonderful program for young or old, fit or unfit, athlete or non-athlete. It scales to your pain-free level.

ATG for Life uses some equipment, including a sled, and uses weights (when you are ready for them). There are alternatives to using a sled, which are shown in the book.

With ATG for Life, you may advance to using weights with the exercises, and eventually adding more weight. It scales upwards as far as you want to take it! It's a great regimen when you want a program that covers full body, but you have limited time to work out during the week. You could do this program the rest of your life and stay healthy and fit. The sled work is crucial.

ATG for Life is two workouts.  It is done just twice a week.  Workout 1 has 10 lower and upper body exercises.  Workout 2 has 10 different lower and upper body exercises, except that 4 of the 10 exercises are done both days.

A key difference between the two programs is that Knee Ability Zero is bodyweight only, no equipment. Knee Ability Zero may be done at home, outside, or at a gym. ATG for Life uses equipment and weights and requires a home gym, or the use of a commercial gym.

Here is the link:

ATG For Life: Patrick, Ben, Williams, Derek: 9798985135817: Amazon.com: Books

Meet the team

We work for you 24/7 to help you transform your body.

ATG Founder - Ben Patrick

I wake up (and WORK) 7 days a week with the same motivation: get people trained in the solutions which are not broadly known but which FACTUALLY can change your knee surgery odds from what the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons is predicting for you.

My own chronic knee problems started at age 9, and by 18 I had 3 surgical knee alterations and I had to quit basketball altogether. That’s when I decided to devote my life to figuring out how to bulletproof the knees, and I did just that, transforming from the fragile guy with a lifetime-best 19-inch vertical jump, to now having the knee advantage even when playing against elite NBA players, plus a 42-inch vertical, the only known and documented case of an adult going from sub-20 to over-40 inch vertical jump.

In 2.5 years I’ve taken 1 day off, and I don’t see that changing until 2030 when we find out if the expected increase of 790,000 to 3.5 million knee replacements per year has been prevented due to my own efforts and the growing web of ATG members now making booms in their own areas.

Ben Patrick


As the COO my purpose is simple: run the BUSINESS so Ben can focus on maximally helping people. If you’ve ever run your own business you can relate to how many unseen things actually go into it…

I, too, work 7 days a week but not on any coaching. My job is to bulletproof the BUSINESS and create a work environment where every single staff member loves their job. Ben and his team being able to give their all to helping ATG Fam… THAT is my job.

I also had knee cartilage damage of my own that I was told I would have to live with, and I actually helped Ben in creating some of his most important knee progressions. I completely handled my own symptoms, painlessly, and now that I’ve had a baby, I’m actually looking forward to getting in the best shape of my life.

I was a competitive figure skater for 10 years and I’ll be getting back on the ice soon. Just as Ben is doing his best dunks as he’s entering his 30s, I want to do my best jumps in my 30s! So, yes, I’m an ATG Fam, too! But my time is spent on everything Ben DOESN’T want to do, so he can put all his time into the training system.

Alissa Patrick


Ben and I go back being best of friends since the age of 4. I personally have witnessed the incredible transformation of Ben going from barely being able to touch the net of a rim to doing dunks with ease. I have trained alongside Ben and many of the other ATG staff and watched the miracles come to life, including myself whose ability to play semi pro and entry level professional soccer was realized by having a bulletproof body into my late 20s and early 30s!

Day by day, win by win our mission is to restore people to doing what they love without pain. My job here at ATG as the CAO is to ensure the company runs smoothly and that all of our staff are extremely happy!

I truly believe we have the best programs on earth which restore quality of life and give people who once had given up due to body weaknesses a fighting chance to feel like they can do what they love again.

Ferdinand Haag


ATG Staff Member - Quentin Tomak

I was one of Ben’s first clients, before ATG was even created. I had weak and painful knees and an abysmal 17 inch vertical. I never thought I would be dunking all four plants and being able to do the ATG standards in my sleep.
I’ve trained with ATG since the beginning so I know where it came from to where it is now. There is no better service on the planet and I’m living proof that anyone can overcome knee pain and become more athletic!

Quentin Tomak

Head of coaching

ATG Staff Member - Celia Patrick

My purpose in life has always been to help others.  At ATG, we care about results and personal touch.  I love our ATG Fam and get to see their gains every hour of every day.  That makes me a very happy Mama Knees Over Toes ☺️.

Celia Patrick

Head of Customer service

ATG Staff Member - Marley Vargas

When I first arrived at ATG I was overweight, non athletic, and had no hope of achieving my dream of dunking! I literally couldn’t do one chin up and barely touched the net when trying to dunk! I had zero confidence in my appearance and abilities! After training with Ben and the ATG system I lost 20 pounds, dunked for the first time in my life, and my athleticism is at the highest it’s ever been! I’m finally comfortable in my own skin which is probably the best gift that I’ve achieved with this training! This has completely changed my life and so grateful for trying this system!

Marley Vargas

Head of Communications

My name is Marcel Betancourt and I am a tennis player from Puerto Rico. I discovered ATG, as a local gym, back in 2015 after my years of competing in college. I came to train with Ben being unathletic, plagued with Tennis Elbow and back pains, in hopes of a chance to pursue a professional career. Since then, I have become ATG's longest standing employee, helped contribute to the development of the ATG system, have resolved all previous physical issues and can finally play tennis completely pain-free, and continue to support Ben by becoming the Head of Progress for ATG.

Marcel Betancourt

Head of Progress and Troubleshooting

I started out as an ATG member who loved the product and the results. Now my passion is improving the technology so that more people can be reached with this world-class training system.

Caleb Schantz

Head of technology

ATG Staff Member - Andrew Graus

In 2018, Ben invited me to film and create epic highlight videos for the weekly ATG Hoops Runs. And that’s exactly what I did. 2 years later, I’m working for ATG full time creating professional videos to help share Ben’s knowledge and provide valuable resources for our loyal ATG Fam! I enjoy using my editing skills to help ATG in any way that I can.

Andrew Graus

Head of Videography

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